Supported Services

Diamond Water Systems Inc. is an experienced provider of service for many different types of commercial and industrial water treatment equipment. Whether you are in need of maintenance, repair, start-up, or system refurbishing/ replacement we have a qualified service department to meet your needs.

Services can include:

  • Manifold Reassembly
  • Media Installation
  • Factory Training on Product
  • Water Quality Testing (Particle Size Analysis)
  • Equipment Control Programming
  • Preventative Maintenance Guidelines
  • UV Water Treatment Systems
  • Cartridge and Bag Filter Systems
  • Decorative Pools & Fountains


Diamond offers a wide variety of in stock parts and factory trained service crews to complete repair services on all types of water treatment equipment. Or check our shopping cart to purchase the parts to complete the repairs yourself.

Contact Service Department

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Standard Proposal turnaround less than three days.